The Yaak - Survival Homestead
Location of Yaak, MT.
The Survival Homestead is located in the Yaak Valley of Northwest Montana, a beautiful region in the heart of the Kootenai Forest bordering both Idaho and Canada. Ten short miles away is the quiet, unincorporated town of Yaak, which consists of a small mercantile, two bars, and a one room schoolhouse. The residents of Yaak are scattered throughout the valley, where they are able to fully enjoy all the freedom and privacy one could desire. The Yaak is a special place in Montana, click here to learn more about it.

The property is secluded in the forest at the end of a private, quarter-mile long gravel road, with the West Fork of the Yaak River running gently along the southern edge of the yard. If your goal is to live the self-sufficient lifestyle and be off-the-grid, this homestead has everything you could want: It’s solar-power ready, has wood heat in both the main house and the guest cabin, and water is provided through a private well. The only thing you will need to rely on living here is yourself, just as it should be. Whether you’re seeking a home in The American Redoubt or just looking for some quiet solitude in the mountains, this homestead is perfect.

You might think that all this self-containment comes at the price of comfort, but think again: The main house has a spacious living and dining room, two bedrooms, a loft, and full bathroom and kitchen. The guest cabin includes a cozy living room, one loft bedroom, a kitchenette, bathroom with shower, and a cookstove that can be used for cooking. On top of all this, there are multiple outbuildings with plenty of room for storage and a custom-built Redwood hot tub that provides a perfect overlook of the river. Whether you’re sitting inside by the warm fire in the winter or playing down by the river on a hot summer day, it’s easy to forget that you’re living off the grid and not staying at an expensive mountain retreat. Sound good? Click here to learn all the specifics.

The Survival Homestead was designed by Woody Chain from Obadiah’s Woodstoves with self-sufficiency in mind, but if your goal is to get away from it all, the little bit of extra maintenance is well worth the reward of panoramic mountain views and forested privacy. Contact us today to find out how this piece of land and peace of mind can be all yours!
Asking Price: $360,000.