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Main House




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Size: Approx. 1200 sq. ft.
Bedrooms: 2 and a 500 sq. ft. loft
Bathrooms: 1
Year Built: 1998

Water: Well/septic
Power: On/Off Grid, Grid Tied Northern Lights Power Company.
Heat: LPG Hot Water Boiler, LPG Freestanding Stove, Woodstove.
Communication: 6 Phone Lines, satellite internet service available.


Guest Cabin




More photos can be found here.

Size: 400 sq. ft.
Bedrooms: 1 (loft)
Bathrooms: 1
Year Built: 2010

Water: Shared with main house, has its own septic and drain field.
Power: Shared with main house.
Heat: Electric heat, Gas Fireplace and wood cookstove.
Communication: 1 Phone Line, satellite internet service available.






More photos can be found here.

Lot size: 1.6 acres
Outbuildings: 4
Additional features: Custom-built sauna and Redwood hot tub, covered storage areas for vehicles, solar power available.

Asking Price: $360,000. Contact us today to make an offer.


About The Homestead

Finished sunroom and rock path leading up from the shore.
You are looking at Woody Chain’s Yaak Homestead, set up as a retreat in the remote Northwest corner of Montana. Woody searched far and wide for a place to raise his family as far from his native Detroit as he could get in the lower 48, and in doing so, learned the art of surviving in the mountains of Montana. From this homestead, the Chain’s began the family business of Obadiah’s Woodstoves & Alternative Energy, which has helped many others with the same vision of self-sustainability in a remote location.

Quality Construction

Your home is professionally built as an Energy Star Passive Solar Design, meaning that it collects heat as the sun shines on the south face of the building and retains that heat in its materials. As a result, part of the home’s heating, cooling, and lighting energy comes directly from the sun. The South facing solar room, a beautiful addition, is designed to be used as a greenhouse or a family room/office. The exterior is low maintenance, made from Western Red Cedar shiplap, and a well-insulated R-36 roof and floor combine with R19 walls to make for easy heating in the sub-zero winter weather.

A Spacious and Prepared Interior

Living room - Survival Homestead
Living room.

Inside, the open modern floor plan provides a light, airy feel and comfortable living space, with large vinyl sliding windows providing excellent views and ventilation in the summer, while maintaining warmth in the winter. The bathroom has been remodeled and includes a Jacuzzi bathtub with heater. The kitchen has a large refrigerator and electric range (both of which can use LPG), as well as a wood cookstove installed nearby. The orientation of the house is also set to take advantage of the sun’s position in the winter, in order to keep heating demands low. Combined with in-floor radiant heating and ceramic tile throughout, the home is very comfortable in the winter as the floors are always warm.

The home is equipped with an NTI Trinity Combi 150 LPG super-efficient hot water boiler, which also heats the domestic hot water. The domestic hot water can also be tied into a solar hot water system, and is pre-plumbed to do so in the future. A 1000 gallon LPG underground storage tank keeps the cost of LPG low, in addition to keeping the tank protected in the event of a wildfire. Average fuel use per winter to maintain 70 degree temperatures is about 500 gallons.

A woodstove provides you with peace of mind and additional warmth. There is also a 40,000 BTU Austroflamm Integra European free-standing gas stove that is thermostatically controlled to turn on in the event of a power outage, and will keep the place from freezing until the power returns. Given the remote nature of this home and the emergencies that can crop up at such a place, we relied on a caretaker in many circumstances: A surveillance/alarm system is set up to alert the caretaker to visit the property if the power suddenly goes out, or if anyone has entered the property, main house, or guest house without permission. The caretaker is a local pastor who takes care of the mechanical systems on the property and keeps it ready for visitors. We found that having a caretaker brought us peace of mind while living in this home, and he is willing to work with new owners.
Power and Electric Done Right

Solar panels (10 BP 85 watt) mounted on a tracker unit provide the power needed to keep the battery bank charged and the Trace SW2512 inverter humming along. If the power goes out, the inverter switches over to keep the boiler operational and heat flowing. 16 Trojan L16 batteries are the storage capacity, with a 12 KW diesel generator installed as a back up and connected to 500 gallons of diesel fuel. Electrical is also run for a wind generator tower and a hydro system, but is not currently utilized.

The home is wired for the grid, which runs to the property, and is a grid-tied home with 240 volts 200 amp service. There are six phone lines in the home, as we ran Obadiah’s Woodstoves from within the home. Multiple high speed satellite connections are available as well as a large commercial satellite system that was originally slated for Glacier National Park. The home can also effectively take advantage of wireless internet access, perfect for those who can work from anywhere and want to stay connected.


The Best Water

Rock path to river bank.
Rock path to river bank.

The water that flows from the faucets in this home comes from a private well and is some of the best water you will ever drink. When it was first tested, the testing company called us back and asked, “Where did you get this from? It’s the most perfect water we have ever tested and is bottled water quality.” The PH is perfect, the mineral content is perfect and no water softener or other purification is necessary. Montana has long been known for its quality water, and you won’t be disappointed by both the drinkable and recreational kinds: The river that flows alongside the property is picturesque and reminiscent of “A River Runs Through It” (an Academy Award-winning film about Montana, starring Brad Pitt). There’s a swimming hole right in front of the homestead that provides a cool, relaxing place for you and yours to frolic in and cool off during the summer. A small waterfall at the base of the hill, less than 100′ from the home, provides a light tranquil sound of rushing water 24/7 during the spring, summer, and fall.

Also outside is a redwood hot tub, running on wood-fired heat with a LPG back-up boiler, that sits on the edge of the hill and perfectly overlooks the river. An enclosed pump house provides for access to the wood-fired boiler while keeping you out of the weather when you tend to the fire, and is set-up for solar hot water to be installed in the future. A nearby bath house with an enclosed 4×6′ cedar sauna is another place to warm your bones and melt off any stress of this modern world we all try to live in. Staying stress free and healthy is important to the quality of life we enjoy, and this homestead makes sure that you have plenty of ways to do just that.


Comfortable Guest Lodging and Plenty of Space for You

The guest cabin, fully stocked with firewood.

In addition to all of this, a finished guest cabin sits on the property. Built in 2010, this cabin is finished to a high quality and has a gas fireplace, wood cookstove, and electric heat. It also contains a bathroom with shower and a small kitchen, great for guests or as a rental for extra income. Three other outbuildings provide additional space for the generator and battery bank, as well as the inverter. One outbuilding can be utilized as a small workshop, and there are two additional structures used for storage, one of which could easily be converted into a bunkhouse.


Forested Beauty

The property is situated with over 1000′ of river frontage on one side and a great view to the south, where you sit on a bluff overlooking a valley with the neighbor’s homestead and garden area. This bluff sits at the base of a mountain, 20′ above the North Fork of the Upper Yaak River (which flows from Canada less than a few miles upstream) and flood plain, keeping you out of harm’s way while still on flat land. You have a perfect southern exposure for additional greenhouses and places to plant gardens. In fact, the lower bench of land next to the river is some of the blackest, richest soil you will find anywhere and perfect for your summer gardens. To the north you have another 1000′ feet of forest frontage, part of the Kootenai National Forest that can be explored as often as you like, which creates a little park/amphitheater setting right in your own yard. The property forms a 2 acre pie-shape that connects to the millions of surrounding acres in the national forest, wooded with Douglas Fir, Larch, and a sprinkling of Lodgepole Pine.

View from the river bank.
View from the river bank.

The surrounding forest is very healthy, and wildlife abounds: Mule and Whitetail deer, elk, moose, the occasional caribou, black bear, grizzly bear, mountain lions, lynx, bobcats, coyotes, and wolves, to name a few species, all wander the wilderness right outside your home. As you might expect, the hunting, fishing, and trapping here are amazing! The fishing in particular is renowned in the Yaak, with award-winning local outfitter and former host of “Trout Unlimited Television” on ESPN, Tim Linehan, living just down the road from the homestead. Not only is the Yaak home to Linehan, but History Channel’s hugely popular show “Mountain Men” is also filmed here, starring famed mountain man and Yaak resident Tom Oar.

However, when you’re in the Yaak, you would never know that fame has touched upon the area: Make no mistake, this is the wilderness. You are three miles south of the Canadian border and have Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho, to the west; Libby and Troy, Montana, to the south; and Eureka, Montana, to the east. All of these towns are at least one hour away with ideal road conditions (which are rare from November through February). Hospitals are located in Bonner’s Ferry and Libby, while emergency medical centers and airports are found in Kalispell, MT and Spokane, WA, each about three hours away. If you prefer not to fly, Amtrak train services run through Libby.


This homestead may be in the wilderness, but the few neighbors you do have here are friendly and look out for each other, without ever being intrusive. Better yet, they are hardy and self-sustaining, with the Montana “can do” spirit that makes this the perfect environment for a retreat or get-away home. The Survival Homestead is for sale today, and you won’t find a better way or place to live.

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More photos of the Survival Homestead can be found in our Photo Gallery, and don’t forget to check out the video walkthrough!